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Corporate Culture Remained “Arduous struggle and continuous self-improvement, pioneering the” spirit of the company demonstrated a strong and united as ever, the result is “customers, self – criticism of struggle, teamwork, integrity, responsibility, Passion” unique culture. Enterprises continue to grow at the same time, build a people-oriented culture. Enterprise Mission Innovation drives new energy world progress Enterprise Vision New energy companies to be respected Core Value Customer success, self-critique, Good faith to this sub-paragraph, Passionate struggle, teamwork! Core Competence Regard the custome...
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Lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid cell are two kinds of batteries widely used at present. Lithium-ion battery performance is better than a lead-acid cell. Although most UPS power supply uses lead-acid cell because of the price problem, lithium-ion batteries can completely replace lead-acid cell after a period of time. 1. The use of cycle life Lithium-ion batteries have a longer life, and lead-acid cell have a relatively short life. Lithium-...
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What is battery pack? The production process of battery group is called battery PACK. Battery PACK can be secondary processing of a single battery or a battery module with multiple batteries in series and parallel. Simple PACK is a process of combining batteries and accessories, which can be operated by most people with certain knowledge. Professional PACK manufacturers should also have protection board development (software engineer/hardware ...
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1. Electrical appliances and battery contact parts should be clean, if necessary, wipe clean with a damp cloth, to be dried after the polarity of the correct loading. When installing batteries, it is extremely important to consider polarity (“plus” and “-“) installation, and the recommended batteries should be installed in accordance with the requirements of the electrical appliance instructions; Failure to follow the i...
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